Vectorize your bitmap images, for free.

Vector Magic is a Stanford University research project for vectorizing raster (bitmap) images online. This is a free online tool to convert bitmap images ( JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF format) to vector images (EPS,SVG, PNG). This tool is similar to Adobe Illustrator’s Live Trace and CorelDRAW’s PowerTRACE but this one is free. Check out the …

Java Utility for JDBC

Code re-usability is one of the many benefits of object oriented programming. For example, in Java if you need to perform email validation in different classes, rather than writing validation code in each class you can create email validation method in one class and then call that method from other classes. Now you have only …

2008 Blogging goals

Inspired by a recent post at DailyBlogTips I seriously started thinking about my blogging goals for 2008. Since I just started blogging a few months ago I have a long way to go. Following are some of my objectives that I would like to achieve during 2008.

Use your keyboard efficiently

Keyboard shortcuts are often more efficient than clicking mouse buttons. Of course the hard part is to learn and memorize the shortcuts. But once you start using keyboard you probably will not go back to mouse-clicking.

Make your stylesheet a work of art.

Jina Bolton at has an excellent post for all CSS developers. She described how you can write well structured stylesheets which are more efficient and easy to maintain. Some of the tips may look intuitive but many times we all need reminder to get the basics right. In my experience lot of developers do … nominated for iBlogCup

I am very excited that my blog was nominated for 3rd International Blog Cup competition. The voting is open till December 7th. If you like my blog and can spare a minute I encourage you to cast your vote at Thanks for all who have voted for me so far.

Sort numbers in Javascript array

Sorting an array in Javascript is a snap. You create an array and then call sort() method on that array. The Javascript sort() method sorts an array in lexicographical order. This method is very useful in sorting alphanumeric values of an array. However, sort() will not work if the array consists of numeric values. Because …

Mobilize your website

Did you know that there are approximately 1.5 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide? The number is growing everyday and with that the number of people who use their handheld devices to browse Internet is also rapidly increasing. Imagine the number of visitors you can get to your website if you have a website designed for …

Compress JavaScript and CSS files to optimize website speed.

Referencing external JavaScript and/or CSS files from a web page considerably increases the load time. As a rule of thumb remember that each external file requires additional HTTP request by the browser, hence the time to render a page will increase. Every web developer worth their salt should make optimization their priority. Fortunately, since this …

CSS Rounded Box Generator

A nice little tool to create rounded boxes for your website. You can choose the background color for your box. The tool will generate the CSS code and a sample HTML page. Generating rounded-box has never been easier. CSS Rounded Box Generator