Simple tips to make you a better blogger.

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To become a successful blogger is not difficult but the success does not come overnight. You have to be patient and persistent. Remember the 3Ds for success. Desire, determination and dedication. If you have the desire, dedication and the determination to be a good and successful blogger then you have nothing to worry about. Infact, blogging is quite simple but it needs some discipline to be a successful blogger. Following are some simple tips that can make blogging stress-free and make you a better blogger.

  • Set goals and work to acheive them:

    This is the most important tip of all. Set your short and long term goals. Write them down on a piece of paper and keep the paper where you can see it regularly. It is a well known fact that people with written goals achieve more in life than the people without any goal. Some examples, where you want to see your blog in next few months, what you want to accomplish today, how many subscribers would you like to have by next month? Make sure you do some activity daily that leads towards your goals. Plan regularly for both short and long term goals and monitor your progress towards your goals.

  • Focus and concentration:

    Focus on a single item and strive to get it done. Don’t try to do several things simultaneously. Concentrate on the task at hand. If you are writing a post don’t worry about your blog’s look and feel. You can always work on the design after publishing the post. Do one thing at a time and do it right.

  • Don’t procarstinate:

    No brainer, huh. Try to maintain a regular schedule for your posts. If you have an idea about a post do not delay writing about it. Atleast write an outline and then complete the post as soon as possible. If you keep adding to your todo list without subtracting from it, you have a problem.

  • Assess and adjust your practices:

    You will always find areas that you can improve. Continullay evaluate your writing style, quality of content, English language, etc. Watch for bad practices and try to get rid of them as soon as possible.

  • Avoid information overload:

    Don’t spend more time than needed to research a topic. You need just enough information to write a compelling post not all of the possible information. Don’t overwhelm yourself with information. It is easy to get inundated with information.

  • Remember the 80/20 rule:

    80% of value comes from 20% of the things you do. Not every post will bring same number of visitors so don’t worry about each and every post. Just try your best to make every post an excellent piece of work.

  • Proofread before you hit ‘Publish’ button:

    Scan your posts several times to catch any typos, spelling or grammatical errors. Don’t rely entirely on the spell-check function of your text editor. Your spell-checker may not know the difference between their & there, its & it’s.

  • Think before writing.

    Not the other way around. Before you start writing a post, take few minutes to think it through. Brainstorm your topic, consider all the aspects of your topic and then write a thorough article. Slow down a little and do it right the first time. Remember haste makes waste.

  • Summarize, please:

    For long posts, include a one paragraph summary of your major points and conclusions. This will not only gives your reader what the post is about, it will also make it easier for them to submit your post to social media websites.

  • Write regularly:

    Practice makes you perfect. The more you write the better you get at it.

    “No one can give you the magic bullet that, once fired, will make you a writer. Writing is like anything else: the more you do it, the better you get at it.”
    Tim Cahill, in Don George’s, Travel Writing (2005)

    Experiment with differnt writing styles and see which one attracts more attention.

  • Keep it simple:

    Write concisely, simply and directly. Keep your posts simple and easy-to-follow. Avoid jargons, acronyms and technical terms. Use simple, plain English. Try to use short sentences and short paragraphs.

  • Don’t try to be perfect:

    Strive for excellence not perfection. You don’t need a perfect post just an excellent one. Combat the perfectionistic tendency. Weigh the value of real, complete and possibly imperfect work over late, incomplete but ideal work.

  • Read regularly:

    Keep abreast of new developments in your niche. Regularly read periodicals, magazine, other blogs related to your area of interest. So when you write a post you know what are you talking about.

  • Learn from other bloggers:

    Talk to other bloggers about their blogging practices. Seek their advice and ask for their opinions about your blog.

  • Learn to relax and have fun:

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    Work at relaxed and reasonable pace. Don’t stress yourself out. Do not put too much pressure on yourself. Have fun and enjoy your blogging.

  • Communicate with your readers:

    Write in a way that comes naturally. Try to engage your readers in the conversation. Avoid difficult, uncommon words where simple day-to-day term can convey your message.

Can you think of any other tips that may help fellow bloggers in their quest to become a famous blogger? Share your thoughts in the comment section.