Win 250 Entrecard credits to promote your blog.

Entrecard is one of the latest blog promotion services that is attracting lot of bloggers. Entrecard is a relatively new blog promotion website but it is different (and better) than other similar websites. You have total control on how to use this service.

I used to have BlogRush widget on my blog but I did not get any significant traffic from BlogRush. When I read about Entrecard last month I instantly started using this service. I am already seeing considerable number of visitors coming to my blog through Entrecard.

The concept is very simple. You create your virtual business card using a 125×125 pixel image of your choice and place a widget on your blog. When other Entrecard members visit your blog they can “drop” their cards. For each card drop you receive one Entrecard “credit”. The member who dropped the card will also receive one “credit”.

This widget also allows you to display an ad for other members on your blog. Placing an ad does not cost you money. Members use their Entrecard credits to pay for the ads. So there is no money involved. You just receive Entrecard credits for publishing ads on your blog. You can then use those credits to place your ad on other members’ blogs.

The number of credits needed to place an ad equals to twice the number of cards that are dropped each day on the blog where you want to place your ad. For example, if 50 people drop card on a blog each day it will cost 100 credits to advertise on that blog. Similarly, if you receive 50 card drops daily the cost to advertise on your blog will be 100 credits per day. It means you will receive 100 credits for running an ad for one day on your blog. You have the total control on which ads to display on your blog. You can approve or reject the ad request.

Entrecard will send you new visitors but it cannot make them stay on your blog. It is where you content comes into play. Once you get the visitors it is up to you to capture their attention and make them your loyal readers.

Give Entrecard a try to see if it fits in your blogging plans. It does not cost you money but you will have to spend some time promoting your blog through Entrecard to see any results.

Here is your chance to win 250 Entrecard credits.

To get you started I am offering 250 Entrecard credits. Simply write a post about Entrecard and link to this post. I’ll randomly choose one winner on March 03, 2008.

Good Luck!