The Bloggers Union

Daniel at Daily Blog Tips floated an interesting idea to create a blogger’s union or association. His logic is that by creating a union bloggers can help each other to face-off legal challenges, content scraping, spams and other similar issues. I think this is a great idea. Although I am little skeptical about the implementation and feasibility of such union. I agree that bloggers need a platform to protect themselves but the devil is in details. How will we manage the membership from bloggers from all over the globe? Who will run the union and how will the rules and regulations be imposed?

All these are legitimate questions but the bloggers serious about such organization can work out a plan to make this all work. My suggestion is to start regional chapters of bloggers’ union in every city. Let the blogggers in each city run their chapters under the auspices of a central bloggers union charter. This will not only make it easier to manage the association but will also provide a venue for the bloggers to meet in person.

Do you think we need bloggers union? If we had one would you join it?