Share your files with DropBox

Everyone likes to share files and photos online with friends and colleagues but most people do not want the hassle that comes with that. The need to constantly upload the files, ensuring that only allowed people have access to your files and so on. If you want to share your files with little or no problem check out DropBox. Dropbox is yet another online storage service but is very easy to use.  DropBox allows you to share your files with other people with little or no effort on your part. If you are comfortable using Windows folder to move files around you will feel at home using DropBox.  All you have to do is download and install the desktop client on your computer and copy your files to your dropbox folder. The application works just like Windows explorer. You can manage files just like you would manage your files under Windows or Mac. Any changes you make to your files will automatically be synched to your DropBox online storage account. The synchronization is almost real time.

To share your files with other simply create a folder in your Dropbox then right-click -> Dropbox -> Share. You can invite people by entering their email addresses. You can also create shared folders on the web interface.

Another useful feature is that DropBox not only saves your files it also keeps previous versions of those files. If you accidentally delete or modify a file you can restore the file from previous versions saved on DropBox.

DropBox works with Windows XP and 32-bit Vista (full 64-bit support coming soon), Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard, and Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

DropBox is currently in beta but I have few invites to give. If you’d like to try DropBox email me.