Display external RSS feeds on your website.

You have designed a beautiful website. But you still do not get a lot of loyal visitors. The problem may not be your design, it may be the static content that is turning the visitors off. If you do not update your website regularly chances are people may not visit your website. Why would someone visits a site if it has the same content from last week or even yesterday. One way to jazz up your website is to display RSS feeds from other relevant and reputable websites. Don’t know how to incorporate the RSS feeds into your website? Well, all you need is some basic JavaScript knowledge. Probably you don’t even need that if you know how to cut & paste and can do a little bit text editing. Yes it is that easy and thanks Google for this convenience. What is once considered a tedious task Google made it super-duper easy. Google developed an AJAX based API that you can call from a JavaScript method.
The API returns the content of the RSS feed that you specify. And then you can display that content on your own webpage.

For a detailed description of the API and how to use it on your website visit JavaScriptKit.
They have some easy-to-follow examples that you can use on your website. Just change the feed URL in the JavaScript to the ones that you want to display on your website.

For official documentation and examples from Google visit Google AJAX Feed API documentation.