Make Money Blogging : Free eBook by Daniel Scocco

Make Money Blogging eBook
If you are thinking of starting your own blog or have just started it, I would recommend that you download and read the free eBook, Make Money Blogging, by Daniel Scocco.

Daniel runs a successful and a very helpful blog “DailyBlogTips” and is quite well know among the bloggers. In this free eBook Daniel laid out a well written plan on how to get started in blogging universe.

In the introductory chapter he explains the need of a domain name and the virtues of using WordPress platform.

In the next couple of chapters Daniel lists important steps a new blogger should take to become a successful blogger. He explains how to choose a niche for your blog, how to write killer articles and how to attract and retain more visitors.

In the last chapter Daniel describes several methods to monetize your blog. He describes pros and cons of various famous monetization options including AdSence, CPM, Affiliate programs and direct advertising.

Overall this eBook is a good starting point for new and to-be bloggers. It is written in a simple, fluid fashion. Links to external websites are included as examples to different topics he discussed in this eBook. You can read this book in one sitting and that will save you lot of time and effort searching for answers to common questions new bloggers usually face at the beginning.
But if you already have a well established blog and need a detailed strategy to increase your earnings from your blog this book is not for you. It does not offer detailed strategy to optimize your blog to earn money from all the available options.

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