Mobilize your website

Did you know that there are Mobile phoneapproximately 1.5 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide? The number is growing everyday and with that the number of people who use their handheld devices to browse Internet is also rapidly increasing. Imagine the number of visitors you can get to your website if you have a website designed for mobile devices. Your normal website will not look as pretty on a small screen as on a desktop screen.

You need a version of your website optimized for small screen devices. Certainly, building a mobile website requires time and effort. Interested in a mobile website but do not have resources to develop? Here is good news for you.

MoFuse offers free service to make a mobile version of your website. Yes it is free and very easy to get your mobile website.

“Your MoFuse mobile site will be standards-compliant! Our mobile site creator creates your mobile site and optimizes it for performance on mobile devices! Load times will be low, and your visitors will be able to easily navigate and read your content!”

The entire process to “mobilize” your website is very simple.
All you have to do is

  • Create an account with MoFuse.
  • Pick a domain name.
  • Enter your RSS feed

And that is all it takes for you to have a nice mobile version of your website.
But that is not it. MoFuse also allows you to monetize your mobile website. You can earn money either through Adsense or AdMob.

If you already have a mobile website or going to create a new one with MoFuse let me know. I’ll post first 5 entries here.