Use your keyboard efficiently

keyboardKeyboard shortcuts are often more efficient than clicking mouse buttons. Of course the hard part is to learn and memorize the shortcuts. But once you start using keyboard you probably will not go back to mouse-clicking.

To get you started on your keyboard usage let me share with you a nice website. has lists of keyboard shortcuts for many popular applications (like Yahoo, Google, FireFox etc). Although some other widely used applications (for example,Microsoft Office) are not listed but I think this is a good start.

I like the two-column layout (three columns, if you count the AdSense column). On the center pane you have a nice keyboard interface with relevant keys highlighted. You select the Company and Applications from the two drop-down boxes. The keyboard highlights the keys for your selected application. If you hover your mouse over highlighted keys you get list of shortcuts. On the left side you can select the categories for your selected application.

There is a link presumably to print the shortcuts but I got 404 error for the pages I tried. Hopefully they will fix this in near future. Nevertheless, this website is worthy of being in your list of favorites.