How to add Amazon affiliate links to your posts in one step. being the largest online retailer offers a variety of merchandise. Because of their huge selection of products it is no surprise that Amazon affiliate program is so popular among bloggers.

With an astonishing number of products available through it is quite likely that every blogger will find a related product to link in every blog post. On the other hand, this vast jungle of products can also be overwhelming for bloggers who naturally want to spend their time on writing post not searching for related products.

Unfortunately, Amazon did not offer any help to bloggers to easily create affiliate-links for its products. Every affiliate has to find related products using their keywords and then manually create the link into the articles. This is laborious and cumbersome exercise.

But now there is a better alternative. .

The good folks at Apture have enhanced their popular plugin to incorporate Amazon products among other resources.
Now all you have to do is to do is during writing a post, highlight a keyword and press the Apture’s button, a pop-up window will give you all the available resources, select reference and then click on Amazon. A list of related products will appear, choose the one you like and a link with your amazon affiliate id will be inserted automatically into your post. And you can go on merrily writing your post.

How to configure Apture for Amazon Affiliate Links

To take advantage of this convenience, you will need to follow these steps.

  • Download and activate the Apture plugin.
  • Next you will need to create an account with Apture and obtain your Apture token. You will need this token to use their services.
  • While at Apture’s website goto your account page and click on ‘Edit Settings’ link. You will see ‘Monetize’ link. Click on that link and then enter your Amazon affiliate id and submit the form. Now your affiliate id is linked to your Apture token.
  • Go back to your WordPress admin console and configure Apture plugin. You will need your Apture token id. Enter your Apture site token and click on Update settings button.

You are now all set to easily incorporate Amazon links in your product.

Now when you write a post and want to add Amazon affiliate link, just highlight a keyword in your post and click on the Apture add link button to easily add the link.