Entrecard reaches to new heights with comments

Today Entrecard announced a partnership with SezWho.

SezWho is a universal profile service for the social web that improves community engagement and enables content discovery to be added to blogs, forums, message boards and other social sites.

By partnering with SezWho, Entrecard team is providing yet another incentive for bloggers to leave meaningful comments on other blogs. Not just “nice post” or “I agree” but real insightful comments that add to the discussion. They will get from 1 to 10 Entrecard credits for each comment based on the quality of the comment. By providing valuable comments the visitor will not only get the Entrecard credits but they will be promoting their ideas that in turn generate traffic on their own blogs.

It is definitely a win-win situation for bloggers and their visitors. For bloggers more comments on their posts will indicate an active community and may attract more visitors. The commentators will get the Entrecard credits along with the opportunity to send more visitors to their own blogs.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a blogger sign up for Entrecard today.