Automatically twitter your posts

Twitter is a wonderful tool to promote your blog. Typically after they publish a new post bloggers logon to their twitter account and inform their followers that they have published an interesting new post.


But there is a better way to promote your post. twitterfeed automatically informs your followers about your new posts. How cool is that? You publish the post, sit back and relax and twitterfeed will do the rest. Twitterfeed frequently pings your blog and if it finds a new post it automatically informs your followers about it.

Follow these simple steps to take advantage of this free service.

  • Sign up at Twitterfeed
  • Provide your twitter account information and your blog RSS feed to twitterfeed.
  • Tell it how often you want the service to check your blog for new posts.
  • From now on you don’t have to announce your new posts on twitter.


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