2008 Blogging goals

Inspired by a recent post at DailyBlogTips I seriously started thinking about my blogging goals for 2008. Since I just started blogging a few months ago I have a long way to go. Following are some of my objectives that I would like to achieve during 2008.

  • Develop and follow a writing schedule. So far I do not have regular posts. I intend to change this so the readers will know when to expect new post from me.
  • Increase use of relevant images. I already started using images but I’d like to get better with images.
  • Start a program to get guest bloggers write for my blog.
  • Be more active in socail networking.
  • Visit more blogs and learn best practices from them.
  • Develop a professional logo.
  • Optimize Adsense integration
  • Employ some creative methods to get visitors more involved. Plan to offer goodies for frequent visitors or commentators.
  • Get a personalized theme. I know content is vital but good presentation is also necessary for any blog. Generalized free themes are good but I will try to get a better personalized theme for my blog.

Can you think of any other thing that I should do to improve my blog?