Send a thank you message to your new Twitter followers

Have you ever wondered how when you “follow” certain Twitter users, you get an immediate thank you email from them? Some of them may even start following you immediately. After I received about half a dozen such quick emails thanking me for following some users, I started thinking that there must be a service that auto responds whenever a person starts following a Twitter user.
Sure enough, a quick search on Google led me to

I am sure there must be many other similar services but this discovery is enough to quench my curiosity.

Tweetlater does the following for you.

  • Automatically responds to your new followers with a your personal message.
  • Automatically “follows” your new “followers” (if you choose to do so)
  • Schedules your tweets to be published at a later time

The service is free and you can manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single TweetLater account.

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