Has Alexa new method changed your rank?

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see my Alexa rank became145,792. The night before it was some where in 233,00 range. My first thought was something is not right. So I went to Alexa.com and found out that they have changed their ranking system. And that new system is the cause of this new rating. Instead of ranking a website based only on the visits by the visitors who have Alexa toolbar installed, Alexa is now using “other sources” to determine website rank.

Alexa won’t provide any details on those other sources but this new ranking system will certainly helpnon-tech websites and I think the new ranking system will give a more accurate rank. Honestly, the older ranking system was skewed towards tech-heavy websites where most visitors would have the alexa toolbar installed.

So how did this new ranking system affect your Alexa rank? Do you even care about Alexa ranking at all?