How to compare Strings in Java

One of the most common bugs I’ve seen in Java programs in the use of == operator to compare two String objects. Most of the times the result may be accurate but it is not always guaranteed. We need to understand the difference between == and the Object.equals method.

Array Bubble Sort in Java

Although Java’s Arrays class has a built-in method to sort an array, it is important for good Java developers to know how to sort an array on their own. Bubble sort is the simplest sorting algorithm.

Top 10 Eclipse Keyboard shortcuts for Java developers

Here is a list of 10 commonly used Eclipse shortcuts for Java developers. Ctrl + Shift + T: Open a type (e.g.; a class, an interface) without browsing through list of packages Ctrl + Shift + R: Open any file quickly without browsing for it in the Package Explorer Ctrl + O: Go directly to …